Heineken The Club Milan & MassiveTalent

April 13, 2012 / MassiveTalent Artist

Remember that Heineken Open Design Documentary we did the music for? That documentary was about Heineken opening a pop up club during the Design Week in Milan 2012. Well that Design week starts next week and that Heineken pop up club has been musically programmed by MassiveMusic. Which means that four MassiveTalent artists will play in Milan next week! They are flying in from all over the world: I Can Chase Dragons! from the USA, UhOh from Germany, Stay Ali from Sweden and Bronstibock from the Netherlands. If you accidentally are in the neighbourhood make sure you stop by it’s at: Privata Gaspare Bugatti 3, 20144 Milano. Not to worry if you aren’t, we’re gonna make some nice footage of the shows and we will make sure to show you!