Joined the MassiveTalent Family: Fragics

June 12, 2014 / MassiveTalent Artist

We are stoked to announce that Jay Rodger aka Fragics joins us today with ‘Won’t Let You’. Jay Rodger’s life as a musician started in the coffee shops and cafe’s of Shakespeare’s Stratford, and playing the soft folk that got him his name in the small town urged him to pursue his passion. While he was producing from just as early on, it’s not until now that he emerges with his ‘Fragics’ alias, combining the folk and electronica that grew up side-by-side into one project that fully utilises his multi instrumentalism (piano/keyboard, guitar, vocals). The influences he draws upon are from an assortment of artists and musicians that leave the agonisingly vague genre specification of ‘folktronica’ open to even more scrutiny, but has somehow kept a calm continuum between his current releases.

Check Fragics’ page here.

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Joined the MassiveTalent Family: SBMRGE

June 3, 2014 / MassiveTalent Artist

SBMRGE (pronounced SUBMERGE) is the musical project of the very young Cooper Dodge. SBMRGE is based in Melbourne, Australia, only new to the production game SBMRGE takes influence from production genius’ such as Shlohmo, Seekae, Jamie XX and Rustie. In the last 8 months SBMRGE has released a 3 track EP through up and coming Australian record label ‘Pilerats’ and has shared the stage with extremely well received Australian acts such as Yahtzel, Paces and Lewi McKirdy.

We are very very happy this young fellow joins us with the two great tracks called ‘Again’ and ‘Masked’. Welcome SBMRGE!

Check SBMRGE’s page here. 

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Joined the MassiveTalent Family: Torus

May 20, 2014 / MassiveTalent Artist

It’s raining Dutch producers at the MassiveTalent headquarters lately. Today Torus joined us with his amazing track “Feeel.”
Torus on his music:“When I make music I like to work with a feeling or a vibe rather than scoring a specific moment I’ve experienced in life,” he continues. “Basically, I’d been trying to turn these vibes into songs using mostly self-made sounds so that they’d become as personal as possible. The songs are really just translations from emotion to sound – which is also the reason for the title – I felt like I could really expose myself through these songs.” Check out Torus’ website here.

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